Our Vision Statement

Where students become thinkers as we make more and maturing disciples of Jesus Christ.

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The Classical Method

Learning How to Learn

The time-tested, 2000-year old, Classical method trains students not just on individual subjects, but integrates all areas of study through the Trivium and Quadrivium so students learn to make connections and think holistically.
Ages 5-10


Students excitedly memorize and re-enact stories, inviting them to make connections and discern relationships between ideas, discovering the “whys” alongside the “whats.”

Ages 11-14


Expanding knowledge, students test their understanding by questioning and testing ideas, facts, and experience with directed questions and dialogue.

Ages 15-18


Students now refine understanding in order to develop convictions with gracious expressions through writing, speech or craft.

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Pursuing & Honoring Christ

Scripture is foundational to everything we do, guiding students in humble excellence and intentional living that serves not just our society, but the Kingdom.



We engage traditional academic subjects: Reading, geography, mathematics, science. Latin!

Music & Fine Arts

We teach objective and aesthetic beauty through music and performance, drama, painting, sculpture, design.

Physical Education

Students learn exercise, maintaining good health, building teamwork, sportsmanship and self-sacrifice.

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